Our Mission
To make it easy and enjoyable for you to follow the news.

How it Works
We follow the top news stories closely every week, reading from multiple sources (see below) to try to gain a 360° perspective. Then, we distill the primary stories and their developments down into a succinct, coherent news brief, giving first priority to facts and avoiding opinions.

Why TNM is Different
Unlike daily news briefs or newspapers that bombard you with a stream of fragmented stories every day throughout the week, TNM is only sent on Fridays, allowing us to provide context for each story so that there is a coherent synthesis of what has happened, is happening, and what to watch moving forward. 

The New York Times, BBC, Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal are our primary sources.

The Structure of TNM
NewsBites: Important stories, but not the ones that dominated the headlines.

Main Stories: The 2-4 stories that dominated the headlines.

Trends: A recent survey/study that shows an interesting or important trend in data.

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