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It’s 2024 and we need to talk about the news.

The news gets a bad rap. Sometimes for good reason.
News organizations have become corrupted by ideology, living in their respective bubbles and catering to partisan views.
This has resulted in click-bait titles, an agenda-driven arrangement of the facts, and an atmosphere of distrust that renders it difficult to live constructively as a country.

At the heart of it, news organizations don’t trust their readers to think for themselves. 
So we went to work.
To create a weekly news brief that makes it easy for you to stay informed without all the chaos. A more human way to engage with the news.

Facts > Emotion
Truth > Spin
Coherent > Convoluted
The News Memo is a new way to stay informed and it’s changing the way more than 2,000 people get their news.

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A more human way to engage with the news.