Hey there, 


It’s 2020 and we need to talk about the news.


The news gets a bad rap. Sometimes for good reason.


The news is incredibly important for democracy. It informs us what our elected leaders are doing, it keeps us culturally engaged, and by reporting the truth, it allows us to trust the democratic process.


But things have changed. 


News organizations have become corrupted by ideology. They live in their own respective bubbles and cater to partisan views. Emotion has become more important than fact and party loyalty has become more important than the truth. 


This has resulted in click-bait titles, an agenda drive arrangement of the facts, and an atmosphere of distrust that renders it difficult to live constructively together as a country.

At the heart of it, news organizations don’t trust their readers to think for themselves. 


So we went to work.


To create a news memo that makes it easy for you to stay informed without all the chaos.

Facts > Emotion

Truth > Spin

Coherent > Convoluted


The News Memo is a brand new way to stay informed and it’s revolutionizing over 1,000 people get their news.


Want in?

The News Memo is delivered (by email) every Friday morning. It’s the simplest, no-nonsense news brief around.


We treat your email with respect.

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