People Unite Amid Coronavirus Quarantines

  • Israelis cheer outside their balconies for the nurses and doctors who are saving peoples’ lives. (video).

  • After being married that same day, a couple from Crown Heights New York drove around the neighborhood and asked people to sing and dance from their homes, given they couldn’t attend the wedding and reception (video).

  • At 6:00 PM every day, Italians emerge on apartment rooftops and balconies to dance, sing, and play music as a show of national unity (video from David in Rome).

  • Two Italian men have invented a new style of ping pong outside their windows from their skyrise apartments (video).

  • In heroic efforts to alleviate the shortages of medical equipment, some car makers are making ventilators, a bluejeans maker is churning out face masks, hotels have become makeshift quarantine centers and alcohol distilleries are making hand sanitizer.
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