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Drink Coffee Like a Pro With a Limited-Edition News Memo Mug. 

3 dedicated subscribers will receive mugs for being the best promoters of your most trusted news brief.

"The Distiller"

How to Win

1. Promote and share this week and next week's Memo (April 17, April 24) with your friends. Be sure to tag @thenewsmemo in a post on Facebook and LinkedIn for your points to count:

  • Email Forward the Memo to a friend: 100 points.

  • Share the Memo on Facebook: 50 points.

  • Share the Memo on LinkedIn: 50 points.

2. Earn at least 200 points and you will be entered into the drawing to win. Then you will drink coffee like a pro, sporting the name of your favorite news source.

The contest will run for two weeks, ending May 1st.


*domestic shipping only

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